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We help designing efficient information systems to manage markets better.
With a custom-tailored market information model, a system integration concept, and a cloud-based solution platform.

For the Digital Transformation of your Market Management.

Efficient Information

Intelligent Network

One Space

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Information Model

Design Integrated Information Models to Manage Markets Better with Efficient Information

Data, Software and Coud Technologies enable the improvement of market management processes and systems through efficient information systems, designed with Integrated Market Information Models.

We support clients designing a custom-tailored and Integrated Market Information Model with:

Comprehensive and Intelligent Market Information
– for Informed Market Management Decisions –

Dynamic and Automated Market Information
– for Fast Market Analytics and Insights –

Applied and Shared Market Information
– for Coordinated Management Activities and Processes –


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Integration Concept

Integrate Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence and Business Intelligence into an Intelligent Network

The integration of market-related data, information and management systems links external data, information and management processes with internal data, information and management processes.

We deliver concepts and solution models for the integration of :

Market Intelligence with Sales and Customer Intelligence
– to improve sales process performance with efficient market information –
– to integrate sales knowledge into market information processes and models –

Market Intelligence with Strategy and Business Intelligence
– to improve strategy processes with efficient market information –
– to integrate business data with market data for market performance analysis and market planning


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Solution Platform

Design and Build One Space® for Efficient Information in Market Management

The successful Digital Transformation of Market Management processes and systems requires the implementation of an integrated Market Management Intelligence® Solution Platform.

We provide strategies, concepts and models to plan and build your Market Management Intelligence Platform as a cloud service with:

One Management Space
– to integrate information, processes and people in market management –

One Analytics Space
– to transform data into intelligent analytical market insights –

One Integration Space
– to integrate data, information and knowledge in market management –

One Data Space®
– to integrate data applications from multiple external and internal sources –


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Management Intelligence

Manage Markets Better with Efficient Information

Efficient market information systems enable better Market Management Intelligence solutions. With digitally assisted, integrated and automated information processes.

But using and applying efficient technologies to improve market management performance, requires the innovation of outdated business processes, the development of new skills and an open attitude and culture towards change.

Against this background we provide support and advice to:

Improve and Integrate Processes
– in Market Information Management –
– in Market Strategy Management –
– in Product, Marketing and Sales Management –

Develop and Improve Personal Skills
– in Market Data Management and Information Modeling –
– in Data-based Market Analytics and Reporting Processes –
– in Appyling Digital Information in Market Management Processes –

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