Data Space Solution

The Innomis Data Space® Solution makes market data work for you.
For the digital transformation of your market management systems through data-based and software-supported management intelligence processes.

Provided as a cloud-based and custom-tailored data service.

Data Sourcing
Finding and Accessing Data

Finding Data Sources
Finding valuable sources for market-related data worldwide

Evaluating Data Sources
Defining quality, efficiency and sustainability of data sets and sources

Accessing Data Sources
Opening and accessing data sources for continuous and efficient data flows

Managing Data Sources
Monitoring and managing multiple data sources continuously

Data Integration
Making Data Work

Ingesting Market Data
Getting data from distributed data sources continuously

Storing Market Data
Storing heterogeneous data sets from many sources in one big data lake

Modeling Market Data
Transforming heterogeneous data into logically integrated data sets

Integrating Market Data
Embedding data sets into modular and intelligent data applications

Data Applications
Data as a Service

Modular Data Applications
Market data from many sources as modular Data Applications

Custom-tailored Data Models
Data Applications with customised and integrated Data Models

Data as a Cloud Service
Platform integrated Data Applications as an efficient Cloud Service

Continuous Data Flows
Fast and continuous data flows in all platform applications and processes

Data Space
Solution Platform + Solution Services

We provide custom-tailored Data Space Solutions on a cloud-based Platform as a managed Solutions Service.

For Efficient Information in One Space®.

Data Space
Solution Platform

Data Space Solutions are provided and used on the Innomis One Space® Solution Platform.

As modular and cloud-based information systems with integrated Data and Software Applications.

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Data Space
Solution Services

We provide integrated consulting, development and management services for Data Space Solutions.

Delivered as custom-tailored, continuous, efficient and subscription-based cloud services.

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