Management Intelligence Solutions

Innomis Management Intelligence® Solutions are integrated, data-based and software driven information systems for digitally assisted market strategy decisions and management processes, provided as a cloud-based platform service.

To Manage Markets Better with Efficient Information.

Integrated Data

Make Market Data Work

External Data
With Innomis Data Space Applications for external market data integration and services

Internal Data
With Innomis Data Integration Applications for internal market and management data integration and services

Integrated Information

Efficient Information in One Space

Market Information
With Innomis Trade and Market Information Models and integrated Analytical Intelligence Applications

Management Information
With tailored Market Management Information Models and collaborative Information Integration Applications

Integrated Market

Manage Markets Better

Market Strategy
With Efficient Information for Market Performance Strategies and integrated Marketing and Sales Strategies

Management Processes
In One Market Management Space for integrated Market Management Intelligence Processes

Management Intelligence
Solution Platform + Solution Services

We provide custom-tailored Management Intelligence Solutions on a cloud-based Platform as a managed Solutions Service.

For Efficient Information in One Space®.

Management Intelligence
Solution Platform

Management Intelligence Solutions are provided and used the Innomis One Space® Solution Platform.

As modular and cloud-based information systems with integrated Data and Software Applications.

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Management Intelligence
Solution Services

We design, build and provide custom-tailored Management Intelligence solutions as a managed cloud service.

As a subscription-based information system with integrated consulting, development and management services.

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