Market Intelligence Solution

The Innomis Market Intelligence Solution helps to monitor, understand and analyse worldwide markets and value chains better. With integrated market data and information models for fast + deep market analytics and efficient market information.

Provided as a cloud-based information and platform service.

Market Data
Integrated Data Space

External Data
Innomis Data Space application services for market-related data from external sources

Internal Data
Data integration and application services for market-related data from internal sources

Expert Data
Market modeling and survey applications to transform expert knowledge into structured data

Model Data
Processes and algorithms to create value added market model data from existing data sets

Market Information
Networked Information Models

Market Drivers
Market driver and predictive information models for continuous market trend monitoring

Market Demand
Information models to measure market demand, target groups and customer structures and trends

Market Supply
Information models to measure market supply and market competition structures and trends

Market Segments
Segmentation models for detailed product, channel and application sector information

Market Analytics
Efficient Market Information

Analytical Indicators
Multi-dimensional analytical models with key market structure and market trend indicators

Analytical Views
Multi-dimensional market analyses with dynamic and comprehensive visualisations

Analytical Automation
Analytical process automation for fast market information and insights

Analytical Services
Integrated analytical application services in market management processes and systems

Market Intelligence
Solution Platform + Solution Services

We provide custom-tailored Market Intelligence Solutions on a cloud-based Platform as a managed Solutions Service.

For Efficient Information in One Space®.

Market Intelligence
Solution Platform

Market Intelligence Solutions are provided and used the Innomis One Space® Solution Platform.

As modular and cloud-based information systems with integrated Data and Software Applications.

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Market Intelligence
Solution Services

We provide integrated consulting, development and management services for Market Intelligence Solutions.

Delivered as custom-tailored, continuous, efficient and subscription-based cloud services.

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