Market Intelligence Solutions

Innomis Market Intelligence Solutions help to monitor, understand and predict markets better.
With integrated market data, comprehensive information models and analytical applications for fast and deep market insights.

Provided as a cloud-based information and digital transformation service.

Market Data
Integrated Data Services

Economic Data
Data services for market driver and
forecast information

Trade Data
Data services for international
demand and supply information

Industry Data
Data services for regional
demand and supply information

Market Data
Data services for B2B markets
and international value chains

Market Information
Comprehensive Market Information

Market Drivers
Economic and industrial market driver
information and forecasts

Market Demand
Market supply and competition structures and trend information

Market Supply
Market demand and target group structures and trend information

Market Size
Market volume and market potential size, value chain structures and trend information

Market Analytics
Fast + Deep Market Insights

Market Measures
Intelligent market measures with
Innomis Analyzer Applications

Market Themes
Analytical insight themes with
Innomis Dashboards Applications

Market Reports
Comprehensive report libraries
with Innomis Report Applications

Embedded Analytics
Integrated market information services
with Innomis Embed Applications

Market Intelligence
Solution Platform + Solution Services

We provide custom-tailored Market Intelligence Solutions on a cloud-based Platform as a managed Solutions Service.

For Efficient Information in One Space®.

Market Intelligence
Solution Platform

Market Intelligence Solutions are provided and used the Innomis One Space® Solution Platform.

As modular and cloud-based information systems with integrated Data and Software Applications.

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Market Intelligence
Solution Services

We design, build and provide custom-tailored Market Intelligence solutions as a managed cloud service.

As a subscription-based information system with integrated consulting, development and management services.

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